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Downloading your file is easy as 1. 2. 3.

DIRT CHEAP HOUSE PLAN’S are complete sets of working drawings. All plans on the DCHP web site are available in PDF file format; you simply find the plan you like and in a few minutes you can have the PDF file of the complete plan on your computer ready to print. The great thing about PDF files is you can take them to any establishment that offers large format copying and get your ¼” scale copies made locally. If you prefer DCHP does offer ¼” scale large format copies as well, that we can ship to you at an additional cost. Builders send your clients to the Dirt Cheap House Plans web site and you could be bidding plans for your clients sooner and more economically. Your clients may not be positive on what they want, can afford, what options they want or how much they cost. Our plans are so Dirt Cheap that it is possible you can purchase two, three or four plans for under a $100. Now you can bid them all to see what your clients want and can afford. We welcome Builders at DCHP and your needs as well, model homes, spec. house’s, even your developments.

Have you found a plan you like, but would like changes or modifications, DCHP offer complete design and drafting services as well. Modifications are an additional fee to the regular plan fee. All you need to do is contact us with your changes, thoughts and ideas and we will get you an estimate of what the custom changes will cost. For those of you interested CADD files of the complete plans are available here at DCHP site for an additional fee.

STEP #1: Select drawing(s)

STEP #2: Choose PDF®  or AutoCAD®file type

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Note: Adobe Reader® is required to view PDF files. FREE Download CLICK HERE